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HY-H6GOS 6KW Wind Solar Hybrid Off-grid System
System Configuration:
●   Wind Power: 3000W rated power output - HY-3000 Wind turbine, 96V
●   Solar Power: 3000W rated power output - 12pcs 250W 24V polycrystalline solar panel
●   Controller & Inverter: off-grid wind solar hybrid controller inverter 3000W
●   Standing free 11 meter tower for 3kw wind turbine
●   Rooftop solar panel installation bracket for 3000W PV
Estimated System Yearly Power Production (KWH) - solar and wind combined

Remarks: solar power production is estimated based on areas with class II solar resources (yearly sunshine 3000-3200hrs, radiation level 6570-7621MJ/㎡), wind power production is estimated based on annual average wind speed at 10 meter high free-standing tower installation, you may input your project site latitude & longitude at following website, so you can get more accurate figure of your local wind and solar resources.
Recommended Application:
●  Simple cottage with 6-7 bedrooms, providing very basic power for total load less than 3000W. 
●  Ideal solution for areas with stable public grid supply to reduce your electricity bill. 
●  Ideal solution for areas with unstable public grid supply as a reliable power backup system. 
●  Areas completely without public grid supply, HY-H6GOS system could serve as a stand-alone power supply system, such as remote area or holiday cottage.
System Installation Requirement:
●  Rooftop solar panel installation requires minimum 24 square meters, south-facing steep roof is recommended for better solar power harvesting.
●  Open space without tall obstacle is preferred for wind turbine installation for better wind power harvesting.
●  3-4 square meter space is preferred to place controller inverter system and batter bank.
System Specification:
System Detail HY-H6GOS-Premium
Rated Capacity 6000W
Wind turbine HY-3000 96V, 5 blade
PV modules 250W (24V) x 12
Wind Solar Hybrid off-grid controller Inverter input:3000W wind/3000W solar           
Output: 3000W 110-240Vac 50/60hz                               
Grid by-pass switch: optional   
Deep Cycle battery AGM gel 200AH x 8
PV module mounting bracket flat roof/tile roof/corrugated Metallic roof/ground mount
Suggested Tower installation HY-FRK30 (4m) for flat roof installation
HY-HT30-10.4P3 hydraulic tower 10.4 meters
HY-HT30-13.4P3 hydraulic tower 13.4 meters


Recommended household electric appliance-HY-H6GOS-Premium

1.       System inverter is designed with total capacity 3000W, which means total load capacity of the house should be no more than 3000W, inverter will automatically shut down if instant load over 3000W for system self-protection, so we suggest end user estimate your own house total load capacity then select the proper inverter system.
2.       Above household daily power consumption is calculated based on a typical usage of an ordinary household for end user reference only.
3.       Air conditioner is not recommended for this system because air conditioner is a high power consumption unit which consumes 5-8KWH, if the house has to be equipped with air conditioner, we suggest supply the power for air conditioner from public grid.
4.       There is an optional by-pass switch which could automatically switch to public grid power when there is not enough power in battery bank; this is only applicable to the area with public grid connection.