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Aerodynamic Blade Design

 Patented aerofoil 5 blade design with true symmetrical and twisted aerodynamic design which ensures rotor capture maximum power from wind (Cp>0.35 in low wind) and operates in amazingly low noise and minimal vibration.

·  True symmetrical and balanced aerofoil blade ensure rotor matching with generator perfectly.
·  Large ratio of tip section chord to root section chord and variable chord airfoil blade ensures rotor start-up easily and running smoothly with high torque & RPM at lower wind condition
·  Aerodynamic blades designed with over-speed braking system to make sure generator well protected in higher wind.
●  Reinforced nylon glass-fiber using advanced thermoplastic engineering and precision injection molding technology for higher strength, flexibility and reliability.
●  Cp.>0.35 at low wind