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Wind Solar Hybrid System For T

The wind-solar hybrid power system which harness solar and wind energy with the wind turbines foisted on the telecom towers or freestanding and photovoltaic system harvest power from sun altogether could assure uninterrupted power supply telecom tower and storage the extra to battery to power the system at night or condition without any wind & solar. 
System Features
Reliability and Availability
The intermittent nature of solar and wind power can be effectively mitigated. Energy storage on-site (batteries) ensures that power is available when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. Pairing solar and wind collection systems at one site can provide diversity protection against the variable natures of both energy sources. Expert system design and dimensioning with consideration of the local sunlight and/or wind patterns maximizes energy capture through a broad range of common conditions.
Remote Monitoring, Configurability and Alarms
In a carrier-grade communications network, every element must provide alarms, and must be remotely monitorable and configurable from the network operations centre. Solution meets all of these requirements, fully integrating solar and wind power plants into the network.
Green-House Gas Emissions Credits
Some solar and wind projects will generate GHG emissions offset credits for the operator, which can be sold every year at market rate for five years after site commissioning (per current regulations), to businesses that need to offset their emissions.
Factors To be Considered to Design the System
• Average wind speed in the area/site
• Height of the tower  or existing telecom tower
• Site load, maximum load during the day
• Site design, the number of TRX (or TRU  transmission receiver Unit ), base station type, transmission  Installed battery capacity
• Wind as a backup, or primary source, solar elements
•  Accessibility of site
•  HY Energy technician team will custom design a complete system base on above required information. Please feel free to contact our sales team for more details.
Actual Installation
Project Left: 10KW wind solar hybrid off-grid power system for telecom tower - Baili Island, Zhuhai 2011   
Project Right:  3KW wind solar hybrid off-grid power system installed on existing telecom tower as a backup power system  - Hainan China 2012