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Best Material and Workmanship

  Rotor and housing

Patented rotor is made of high quality stainless steel rotor shaft attached with permanent neodymium magnet, the unique winding and multi pole design reduces the start-up torque of alternator which assures generator would produce more power at lower wind condition than other system.



Generator housing is made of precisely casted aluminum alloy with minimal tolerance and sealed with high quality sealant, this is why HY wind turbine could work normally under various working conditions, and this is why HY wind generator features class B insulation and IP56 class protection. Besides, HY generator system is designed with a sufficient buffer of overload to ensure overall wind turbine reliability.



Innovative slip ring design

Wind turbines with typical slip ring design often twists and tangles the connection cable from generator to controller, which made the system has to be maintained every few month. HY Energy patented slip ring design solved this problem completely and made HY wind turbine with higher reliability and real maintenance free.